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Eunjeon Kim was born in South korea and came to the U.S. In 1988.

She earned a BFA from Hong-ik University in Seoul Korea.

Working as a designer, she has been doing interior work related to the Blue House, Dong-a Construction, and Hyundai Construction.

She came to the United States to run an art academy and ceramic art academy and raised many students. Currently, her studio is located in Centerville, Virginia, and as a studio artist, she is actively exhibiting in Washington, DC. She mainly works with paint and mixed media, and has participated in solo, group and art fairs in Korea, New York, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Florida.

Since 2004, she has been a member of the Han-Mee Artists Association Greater Washington, where she served as president and advisor and is now a director.

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  • 1961                   Born in Seoul, Korea.   

  • 1981 - 1985        BFA from the School of Arts at Hong-Ik University,                                                       Seoul, Korea

  • 1985 - 1987        Shin-Han Interior Designer, Seocho-Dong, Seoul

  • 1992 - 1998        Hong-Ik Art Studio, Director

  • 2009 - 2012        Vice President of Korean American Artist  Association 

  • 2013 - 2015        President of Han-Mee Artist Association                                                                       Juror: Children Art Competition Sponsored by                                                             The Korea Times, Washington, DC

  • 2016 - 2019        Adviser of  HMAA (Hanmee Artist Association)

  • 2020 -                 Board Member of HMAA (Hanmee  Artist Association)   


  • 2022/08            The 29th Korea Art International Grand Exhibition

  • 2022/07           "Reimagining Peace Come" Maryland Hall, Annapolis, MD

  • 2022/03           “Boundless” Korean Cultural Center Washington, DC

  • 2021/12            SPECTRUM miami art fair   

  • 2021/10            Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center                  

  • 2021/03            Solo Exhibition : "New World" Office of Consular Affairs                                        Embassy of the Republic Of Korea, Washington, DC

  • 2020/03           "Korean Contemporary Art of the Times"                                                                  Museum of Russian Art (MORA) 

  • 2019/11           “2019 Incheon, Washington . Hawaii Art Exchange”, Incheon

  • 2019/10             MPAartfest 2019, McLean Project for the Arts

  • 2019/06           “The Shape of My Heart” Maryland Hall, Annapolis

  • 2019/03           “To BE A Woman” Embassy of the Republic of                                                           Korea, Washington, DC

  • 2018/01             Solo Exhibition: ""Office of Consular Affairs                                                             Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington, DC

  • 2017/10            “Blue In Flight” BWI International Art Gallery

  • 2017/05            “Korean Cultural Center of  Chicago

  • 2017/03            “Spring Sonata”  Harmony Hall Regional Center, Maryland

  • 2017/01            “Life Infinite”, Korean Cultural Center,                                                                         Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington, DC

  • 2016/11            “The Transcendent System”, Maryland Hall, Annapolis

  • 2016/08            “Seoul-New York Project” Riverside Art Gallery, NJ

  • 2015/12            “Korean Pop Art In America”, Art Space, Herndon

  • 2015/08            “Illustration Passion & Freedom in Union”, KORUS  HOUSE,                                   Embassy of The Republic of Korea, Washington, DC

  • 2015/04            “Chosen Home land: Searching for Women’s Identity Unity”                                   The Korean Cultural Center Washington DC                                                             Hilton Mclean Tysons Corner, VA

  • 2014/12            “The Beauty of Korean Arts and Craft                                                                         at Korea Society, NY

  • 2014/06              Group  Exhibition : “Four Seasons”                                                                           Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville

  • 2014/05              Group Exhibition: “Korean American Pop”                                                               Lorton Workhouse Arts Center

  • 2013/04            “The Korean Wave” HMAA, , KORUS HOUSE,                                                            Embassy of the Republic of  Korea, Washington DC

  • 2013/01             “Viva 2013” HMAA, Office of Consular Affair Embassy                                             of the Republic of Korea, Washington DC

  • 2012/09             “Blurring Boundaries” HMAA, Lorton Workhouse Arts Center 

  • 2012/04              Guest artist’s exhibition at The University of Virginia

  • 2011/08              Artist's Exhibition at the Costa Rica. National Art Museum,                                     San Jose

  • 2010/01            “The Third Perspective: Korean American Artists’                                                        Daring Gazes” Howard  County  Arts Council, Ellicott City, MD

  • 2009/10            “Three Generations”, Exhibition celebrating the family.                                            Korus House

  • 2009/09            “35th Anniversary Exhibit” HMAA, Office of Consular Affairs                                    Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Washington DC

  • 2009/06            “Rendezvous Two” Traveling Exhibition.                                                                      HMAA & KAAH, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 2009/03            “Voices of the Morning Calm” HMAA, Manassas, VA

  • 2008/06              Solo Exhibition "Planet Narrative" Georgetown Art  Gallery

  • 2008/07              Korean American Artist Alliance,                                                                                 Glenview Mansion Art Gallery. Rockville, MD

  • 2008/11              Solo Exhibition: Korea Monitor Gallery, Annandale, VA.

  • 2007/06            "Rendezvous" Hawaii and Korean Artists of  Maryland Hall                                       Galleries, Annapolis

  • 2007/01              Annual Exhibition of the Korean American Artists  Association,                             Blackrock Center, Germantown, MD

  • 2006                 “Korea-America-Int’l  Art Exchange Exhibition”                                                         George  Mason University Art Gallery, Arlington VA

  • 2006/09            “7Artists” Dega Gallery. Mclean, VA.

  • 2005/12            “Human &  Nature 2005”, Mediapia Gallery. Baltimore, MD 

  • 2005/07              Korean Contemporary Printmaking, Mediapia Gallery.                                           Baltimore, MD

  • 2005/02              Korean-American Art Association Annual Exhibition,                                               Civic Center  Rockville, MD

  • 2004/06              Cultural Enrichment 2004, Johnson Center Gallery                                                   (George Mason Univ.) Fairfax, VA

  • 2003                  “Beginning”, Washington Art Center, Arlington, VA


  • Embassy of the Republic of  Korea, Costa Rica

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