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New World

It's been a gloomy year around the world with circumstances no one could have predicted.

I think about what the world will be like in the future, and if we can draw it well, a good world will be created.

Based on the simplest geometric image that implies the diversity of dimensions, balance and imbalance create tension and create contrasting colors and relaxation of space. Let's try to express the visual delight and hope for a new world.

Eunjeon Kim-New World 1.jpg


Spring is the season that humans feel the most emotionally, mentally, and physically. It is when the land softens and the gray clouds lift and nature reveals its colours. It is a new beginning full of warmth and vitality.

Eunjeon Kim-Sence of Spring I - Copy.jpg

Beyond the world

Through fair winds and headwinds, travel with determination and wisdom on life’s voyage toward the destination.

My past and the dreams I have for my future define who I am at the present; therefore, I take a moment to rest on life’s voyage and reflect on how I want to shape the times to come.

Eunjeon Kim-Voyage.jpg

Visible and Invisible

This work expresses the visible and invisible world, and although we cannot see the person who exists in the world beyond the third dimension, if we pay attention, we can feel the presence of Him who is always waiting for us and always watching us

Eunjeon Kim-The visible, invisible.jpg
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